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This tutorial series teaches you how to create a scripting language minded on a game engine all the way from designing the language to coding the compiler and a virtual machine to run it on.

PxdScript tutorials (html)

CHAPTER 1 Introduction

CHAPTER 2 Scanning / Lexical analysis.

CHAPTER 3 Parsing / Building the AST / Prettyprinting.

CHAPTER 4 Weeding.

CHAPTER 5 Symbol checking.

CHAPTER 6 Type checking.

CHAPTER 7 Resource calculation.

CHAPTER 8 Code Generation.

CHAPTER 9 Emitting Assembly Code.

CHAPTER 10 Assembling The Code.

CHAPTER 11 The virtual machine.

NOTES Various notes about errors and changes to the chapters. (46K) (1K) (18K) (202K) The latest version of all chapters and notes in one handy package.


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